Thursday, April 5, 2007

A Schwinn Bicycle = $210 deduction

Yesterday, we dipped into the Scooter Jar in order to buy a bicycle from Costco. Holly has been wanting a bicycle for a long time now and with the warm spring weather, we decided to take a loan out on the jar for a Schwinn. I will post a pic soon.

I took it out on a ride myself yesterday and today and had a blast riding around! It's been quite a few years since I've ridden and I forgot how much fun it was to ride. The last time I actually rode a bike was 8 years ago in Arkansas on my mission. I'll have to dig out a pic of that too...

Anyway, all this 2 wheel riding has re-inspired me in my savings for the Buddy. I can't wait.


Andrew said...

How are you liking the bike? I have been riding my bike to work a lot this week and it has cooled my scooter bug. Biking is better for me and I enjoy it. I still plan on getting a Buddy, but I am in not such a hurry. First I'll take the MSF, and continue to bike for exercise.

Give me an update.


Scott and Holly said...

Hi Andrew,

Actually, we finally got a scooter. Last week, my wife surprised me. She sneaked out while I was at work and bought a scooter that I had been coveting on craigslist. It seems that I've been spending every spare minute riding it, so I have neglected to post the news on my blog. Until just a minute ago.

Pedaling around a bicycle was helpful in fending off the scooter blues for me too. Keep it up!

Thanks for your comment! Scott